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Hairboss is a culture.

We are creators of our own narrative and are leading the industry; those that believe will follow suit. We are business professionals and creatives. We are empowered, motivated, and ready to serve ourselves and the industry collectively through our uncompromising passion for beauty, self-betterment, and ambition to succeed in our craft. I am a HAIRBOSS.

HAIRBOSS offers education, culture, and expansion apparel for the career of the ambitious hairdresser in pursuit of living the career they desire. Every hairdresser with a goal is a HAIRBOSS, and we are here to serve you.

The Making of Hairboss

As a military wife, Jamie has successfully rebuilt her clientele behind-the-chair five times over and, in doing so, has mastered quick and effective strategies that can be adapted and implemented by all stylists. Identifying, targeting, and marketing clients on social media played an incremental role in getting them in her chair – fast. After the third time successfully rebuilding her books, she felt inclined to incorporate these key discoveries into her in-salon education. It was during one of her programs that an attendee (who has been so moved by her content) inspired her to publish all her secrets to share with the industry. Six months later, HAIRBOSS: A Hairstylists’ Guide to Owning Their Career was published and on sale nationwide! To date, almost 10,000 copies of this empowering, easy, and relatable read have been sold, motivating thousands of hairdressers to grow their businesses.

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mission statement

Our Vision

We believe every hairdresser can live the career they desire; professional independence and financial freedom is within reach for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a collective of hairdressers who embody the HAIRBOSS culture and to serve career education, tools, and mentorship services that empower, motivate and support those in pursuit to LIVE the career of their dreams.

Our Values & Culture

A Collective Vision of Impowerment

It’s up to us together to be the definers and keepers of the HAIRBOSS culture and to express our collective tone as servant leaders through our ambition and approach to career empowerment.

Self-Betterment is an Ongoing Journey

We’re always a little not ready; we encourage and challenge your growth at every level of your career. The pursuit to live the career we desire is never at rest.

Curated with Integrity

Our content is honest, tried, trusted and true. Period.

Hairdressers Supporting Hairdressers

We believe a mutual support system is fundamental to building a powerful, collective mindset that sustains itself in all conditions.

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Education Philosophy

Education Philosophy

We're always a little not ready

Trial and error is part of life. It’s the pursuit to self-betterment that is where the magic lives; it’s in those moments that we shine our brightest, inspire others and lead through our unique, authentic vision – as a HAIRBOSS.

It’s the belief in these magic moments that inspires our brand mission, defines our culture, and founded the HAIRBOSS education philosophy; we aim to serve hairdressers with an education that encourages a collective of fearless leaders and influencers whose journey toward self-betterment and empowerment is always in pursuit and constantly challenged. Our mentorship approach to learning believes in refining and reflecting your unique power as revealed today, yet encourages an even grander vision of yourself achievable tomorrow. We will catch you if you fall, nurture you as you find your footing, and celebrate when you win.

A Hairstylists' Guide to Owning Their Career

Offers all hair beauty professionals a way to elevate their careers. In this inspiring, helpful, and practical book, Jamie covers current industry challenges and ways to combat them. Drawn from years of experience in the field, Jamie's principles will surely lead you to the answer on your terms.

Utilizing the techniques in HAIR BOSS gives you the ability to...

  • Find your worth and price your services accordingly
  • Build a full book of clients and where to find them
  • Become financially free and what that means for you
  • Gain business-building strategies for the 21st Century
  • Utilize social media to your advantage
  • Resurrect the HAIR BOSS inside of you
  • Uncover your full potential and own your career
Hair Boss - A Hairstylists Guide to Owning Their Career


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