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Jamie Wiley

HAIRBOSS: A Hairstylists' Guide to Owning Their Career

HAIRBOSS: A Hairstylists' Guide to Owning Their Career

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HAIR BOSS is a state-of-the-art guide to building your own path to professional & financial freedom.

Offers all hair beauty professionals a way to elevate their careers. In this inspiring, helpful, and practical book, Jamie covers current industry challenges and ways to combat them. Drawn from years of experience in the field, Jamie's principles are sure to lead you to the answer on your own terms. 

Utilizing the techniques in HAIR BOSS gives you the ability to...

  • Find your worth and price your services accordingly
  • Build a full book of clients and where to find them
  • Become financially free and what that means for you
  • Gain business-building strategies for the 21st Century
  • Utilize social media to your advantage
  • Resurrect the HAIR BOSS inside of you
  • Uncover your full potential and own your career

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